SpeakerCraft is the world leader in custom installed In-wall speakers and electronics.

From its genesis as a home audio electronics retailer, the company has become the premier supplier of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for home theater systems and multi-room audio systems. Home theater and surround sound systems have become an important part of today’s lifestyle. Home theater speaker systems require a minimum of five speakers and using standard home audio speakers can be less than attractive. Both front and surround speakers can now be mounted flush in walls or ceilings making them almost invisible. SpeakerCraft in-wall speakers offer a high-performance speaker alternative that blends into your décor.

SpeakerCraft also offers a wide selection of home theater electronics that can be hidden from view and operated by a simple hand-held remote control. The home theater speakers and the video screen are all that need to be visible in the room. A home theater speaker is unique in that it must be able to reproduce music and realistic sound effects to recreate the movie experience. SpeakerCraft has created an in-wall speaker system that can perform at this level.

An in-wall loudspeaker system for home theater will include left and right front speakers, an in-wall center speaker and at least two rear-channel speakers. Hi-fi home audio has come a long way since the advent of stereo and home theater sound is a major reason for many of the latest technological advancements. An in-wall home speaker, although physically similar to a flush mounted speaker in an automobile, is designed specifically for home theater and multi-room installations.

SpeakerCraft is also know for its selection of outdoor loudspeakers. Outdoor speaker systems allow the homeowner to enjoy music in the yard, by the pool or on the deck. SpeakerCraft even produces a series of outdoor rock speakers that can be hidden in the landscape. An outdoor speaker system is an impressive addition to any home. Outdoor audio speakers are designed to be weatherproof and can stand up to the elements while producing high-quality sound throughout the entire exterior environment.

Whether you are looking for speakers in wall, in the flowerbed or in a home audio theater, SpeakerCraft has a perfect solution.

Our Team:

Jeremy Burkhardt

I am a custom installer that saw opportunity to make killer products for our dealers and grabbed it. We became the best audio manufacturer in the World and that is still our goal everyday we get out of bed. Selling hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gear is great, but you must not let up. Hit it harder everyday. Set new goals, try new things, innovate and thirst for more. Never be idle and never get comfortable. You are not the things you own, you are not your friends, you are nothing but a fleeting moment in this world. You are dying right now. Enjoy it. Live everyday like it is your last. Love more, care more and do more.

Jeff Francisco
VP Engineering

Despite what many people would say is my calm demeanor I can’t sit still for very long. I always need to be moving both mentally and physically. However, I do value the clarity that is gained from “down time”. I like things orderly and in their place, but can handle it if the picture on the wall is a little crooked. I’m a gadget freak that has to restrain myself from purchasing every new, cool toy that comes out. News is like oxygen, I need a constant flow of it to keep going. I go through dozens of hard copy and electronic newsletters, magazines and newspapers every week on all kinds of topics. My day is never complete unless I have had a good aerobic workout.

David Donald
V.P. Marketing

Dave Donald was born and raised on California sunshine. He grew up making music and fell in love with technology at an early age. He built his first amplifier when he was nine years old and has been addicted to sound reproduction ever since. He still has an active recording studio in his home and is actively involved in numerous music and voice-over projects.

Dave has been in the business for over thirty years and began as a salesperson on the retail floor. He has spent the majority of his time in sales and sales management. His speaking skills have taken him around the world addressing audiences large and small on the subjects of sales, presentation skills, human potential and neuro-psychology.

Today Dave is a happily married father of six children who will be the first to tell you that there is something “different" about their father. His enthusiasm and attitude have led him to SpeakerCraft where he fits right in.

Rick Schnell
V.P. Finance

I am a first generation American and most appreciative of every opportunity this great country has given me. As a kid I was raised in Vermont near the Canadian border. In retrospect I can now see that those were kinder and gentler times. Conversely maybe I was just too young and naive to notice that the world has always been burning as Billy Joel put it.

When I was a teenager my dad moved our family to Brussels, Belgium. Belgium has great beer and chocolate. Especially the beer. Oh yes! I also met my wife Karin in Brussels and to this day she remains my best friend. My experiences overseas definitely influence my perceptions of the world, mostly in a positive way.

Being of average intelligence and mediocre creativity I chose accounting as a career. I earned an MBA degree and a CPA license. My entire career has been with manufacturing companies primarily in the electronics and computer industries. All in all it has been a good ride and I feel blessed to be a part of the SpeakerCraft family.

Linda van Zanten
V.P. International Sales

I am very fortunate to love my work and my life. I am never satisfied with things that are not right, I will do anything to get what I want, just ask some of the people in the office. I have been fortunate to do some great things this year that scared the crap out of me previously and the high you get from that is better than drugs (I didn’t inhale) or alcohol. I look forward to the years to come with excitement.

Chris Lehnen
National Sales Manager West

I continually tell people that I have the best job that there is at SpeakerCraft. As the Western Sales Manager, I get to travel to the best U.S. cities and work with cool, successful people all day long. At the same time, I am challenged practically everyday. We all work a lot of hours at SpeakerCraft, but because we have the right attitudes, we have a great time and build quality memories along the way. This place and these people keep me driven to reach the next level, recalculate my position and reach for the next. I am thankful to be involved and look forward to our future.

Shannon Riffle
National Sales Manager

I was born and raised in the Midwest. Missouri to be the place I call home the Show Me State which is a great rule to live by. Where I grew up is also the birthplace of Jesse James and no not the biker builder the outlaw from the old days. The rules of life that I live by is that there are not a lot of happy people and people make bad or wrong decisions everyday the difference between you and them is that you learn from them and move on. You can’t change the past so stop looking at it and focus on your future. Work hard play hard it’s the whole existence that we are and we become if you don’t have great balance in your life then you have issue’s and you need to fix them. Make everyday count because we are all born with a time clock and everyday we get closer to that time so make the best at whatever you do or what you want to do. GO FAST AND TAKE BIG CHANCES because you never know they may be your last.

Jason Craze
Director of Electrical Engineering

OK, since they told me that the standard “I like candlelight dinners and long walks on the beach" type profile wasn’t what they were looking for, I guess I have to make something else up. I’m pretty much a nut-case. That being said, I’m the kind of nut that you simply have to laugh at… because screaming draws the wrong kind of attention. The key to me is that I attempt to have fun in everything I do. Waking up in the morning… fun! Work… fun! Nightlife… fun! Coping with Los Angeles traffic… well, I said I “attempt" to have fun in everything. Nobody’s perfect!
If you come hunting, you’d most likely find me at Johnny’s Punk Rock and Booze. I’m a fan of the hole-in-the-wall where you can pretend you actually know everyone and where it’s so dark that they can’t tell how ugly you are! If I’m not there, I’m either leaving a little piece of myself in the blotting towels of some lucky tattoo artist, or stopping 100mph pucks at the local ice rink. If any of this makes sense, and you want to dedicate your life to pampering me and putting up with my B.S., call me! 900-555-1212 – It’s only $1 per minute and worth it at twice the price! If not, well, just play it fast, play it loud and remember, always lead with humor, the laughter makes ‘em forget why they were mad at you.

Jason Markley
Director of Retail Sales

I believe in never giving up! Life is too short to be doing things you don’t want to do. I am talking about work, play, relationships, etc… If you do not like what you are doing, don’t do it!!!! But, if it is something you enjoy and like to do, pursue it! This is the best way I can explain my life. When I am not traveling the world on my little pony, spreading SpeakerCraft goodness, I am probably doing something outdoors. My favorite pastimes are, reading, bicycling (mountain, bmx, and road), motorcycling (dirt and road), four wheeling (rock crawling), golf, wake surfing, snowboarding, etc... I am sure I left something off the list. You name it, I like to do it.

If I were giving you words of advice I would say: READ, work hard, and most of all be happy.

Michael Jay Bennett
Operations Manager

Passing some wisdom through experience: "How to get a job with SpeakerCraft"

Learn to play the same sport the President/Owner of the company plays, in my case tennis. Go to college and compete until you have credentials, in my case All-State at Riverside Community College and All-American at Cal Poly Pomona. Take your credentials and acquire a teaching job at your local country clubs, in my case Victoria Country Club, Rancho Mediterranean Tennis Club, and Canyon Crest Country Club. Acquire the President/Owner as a student and teach him until he realizes if he offered you a job, he could easily get a discount (free) on tennis lessons, in my case free lessons for Ed Haase and an Operations Manager job for me.

Eldon Alexander Henry
Global Education Specialist

Eldon – Having joined SpeakerCraft as a temporary accountant in the Finance Group a number of years ago I am excited to have finally found a company that believes in developing it’s people. I am a testament to the philosophy of “growth” that permeates this company. My life has been enriched by the blessing of a great family at home and a great family at work. I hope, at this pace, it is just a matter of time before I have enough experience and tenacity to take over Jeremy’s position at the head of the house.


Thirty years ago SpeakerCraft was formed by a group of dedicated individuals with a passion for sound. After inventing the in-wall speaker and manufacturing them for the most prominent companies in the business, we developed our own brand based on the ever-expanding need for quality sound in the home. Today, we are proud to be the largest supplier of custom installed audio/video products in the world having manufactured and sold millions of loudspeakers.


Our goal was to develop innovative designs utilizing some of the most state-of-the-art components and materials.

Our efforts have earned us many industry awards for products that break tradition and go a step forward to bring you tomorrow's technology today.

For instance, we were the first to invent in-wall speaker installation systems that do not require installing brackets in the wall first. We have improved the in-ceiling round speaker by inventing a method to greatly improve the high frequency response with a device called the WavePlane™.

We were the first to produce pivoting tweeters and on some models the whole speaker pivots while still remaining flush with the ceiling. These innovations eliminate the placement concerns of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

With SpeakerCraft speakers you now can enjoy your beautiful interiors without sacrificing sound or quality and with the comfort of knowing that our speakers carry a lifetime warranty.


SpeakerCraft also supplies hundreds of other products to help your multi-room audio system become a reality, multi-room distribution amplifiers and a whole line of custom installation accessories to help it all come together.


We pledge every product we build will give you the highest level of workmanship and sound performance. Our commitment to quality is matched only by our warranty...Lifetime!

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