SpeakerCraft CS3 TV Speaker Review by Technology Blogged

SpeakerCraft CS3 TV Speaker

It was always my opinion, that any speaker system that failed to waken up the neighbors was not worth the money and should be returned at once. When I turned these all the way up, my attached neighbors didn’t complain – hell I could barely hear myself breathe, as bass knocked the air out of my lungs. These go beyond “premium” – all the way up to block party level! Perhaps the neighbors were also blown-over by the experience!

SpeakerCraft has been in the audio industry for over 30 years and knows precisely what they are doing when it comes to audio. You may not have heard of the company until now as their main focus has been custom speaker installations. However in a few months their products will be making their was to more and more retailers. While we here at TechnologyBlogged.com, we are not Audiophiles, per say, we still make it a point to review an abundance of consumer audio products.

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