AIM8 Five

Installed in almost every imaginable application. The AIM8 FIVE continues the AIM engineering heritage of great sound. Whatever you play through this, this is what clean & vibrant sound is supposed to be like. 

AIM8 Three

At the heart of every great speaker is a great motor design. Powered by the AIM8 Aluminum Cone Woofer, spectacular sound value is the winning result. 

AIM8 One

The beginning of the AIM8 series, the AIM8 ONE is really where it all began. The original AIM ONE broke ground and established a reference for in ceiling theatre speakers. The legends lives on. 

AIM7 Three

Our AIM Aluminum cone technology provides the woofer driver the nimbleness required to react to ever changing levels of power as your music and movies play. 

AIM8 Two

Very light cone materials allow for fast reaction times. This results in accurate clean sound. A silk dome tweeter offers lusciously rich vocals and sweet harmonies 

AIM7 Five

Considered one of our most treasured speakers of all time. The AIM7 FIVE is the sought-after speaker platform to provide a foundation of great sound to build on. 

AIM7 Two

Following the AIM8 TWO technology platform. The result continues with accurate clean sound. The silk dome tweeter offers lusciously rich vocals and sweet harmonies. 

AIM5 Three

The AIM5 Three speaker platform is built small but deliver big sound, all while maintaining a small footprint. 

AIM5 One

Great things come in small packages and the AIM5 One is no exception. This is a solid speaker platform to provide BIG sound while possessing a small footprint.