CRS8 Zero

The CRS8 Zero delivers amazing sound quality in a flush-mounted application. More and more speakers are moving into ceiling installations. 

CRS8 Three

Forerunner to the loudspeaker was the telephone receiver. A humble beginning for the speaker. We are humbled too. Our speakers have become the marque of excellence in the custom arena. We are grateful for that. 

CRS8 Two

Speaker motors are made with magnets. The best magnets don't weaken with age. When combined with the lightest quality cone materials and fine crossover parts why wouldn't you get a Lifetime warranty. 

CRS8 One

In the US, at sea level the speed of sound is 1,125 ft/s, in the rest of the world its 343 meters a second. You'll enjoy that sense of being pushed back in your seat on the sonic ride the CRS8 One will take you on. 

CRS6 Three

Gently caress Aluminum into cones, add synthetic cooling liquids for heat dissipation, throw in hours listening, adjusting the dividing network to optimally blend the bass and treble tones. Sit back and enjoy. 

CRS6 Two

Using glass composite and silk. Blend ingredients lightly over a low heat. Set overnight. The result is a solid bass driver complimented with an airy sweet tweeter. Treat yourself to value without the bitterness. 

CRS6 One

For a lighter taste in distributed audio, the CRS One offers distinctive bass notes. Add in a properly measured waveplane to evenly distribute that sweet silk tweeter. The resulting yield is smiles all around. 

CRS6 Zero

Very light cone materials allow for fast reaction times. This results in accurate clean sound when exceptional value is needed for low power systems. 

CRS 5.2R

The lightest sound in the 5" speaker family the 5.2R is a great blend of efficiency and value for any renovation. 

CRS 5.5R

When your room features require a smaller footprint that won't compete with your ceiling design. The 5.5R's Aluminum cones provide depth and clarity without compromise in a smaller speaker. 


A lighting designers dream, a pot light sized speaker. Combine with any of our bass augmentation systems for stunning musical performances from speakers that blend and disappear into your lighting design.