MT6 Three

Gently caress Aluminum in cones, add synthetic cooling liquids for heat dissipation, throw in hours listening, adjusting the dividing network to optimally blend the bass and treble tones. Sit back and enjoy. 

MT6 Two

From our original 6" in wall designs. Glass composite and silk are blended ingredients over a low heat. Set overnight. The result is a solid bass driver complimented with an airy sweet tweeter. Still a best value. 

MT6 One

For a lighter taste in distributed audio, the MT One offers distinctive bass notes. Add in a properly measured waveplane to evenly distribute that sweet silk tweeter. The resulting yield is smiles all around. 

Profile AIM7 MT Three

The legend lives on. Now the award winning system is available in the Profile flawless flangeless design, while still providing the same reference audio performance you’ve come to expect from the AIM Series.