BB1235 12-Channel Amplifier

When the excessive high current of the BB1265 is not required. The BB1235 is your choice for amazing distributed audio, actually we might even say distributed Hi-Fi, you'll agree a great amp for many applications. 

BB1265 12-Channel Amplifier

Designed to provide power levels in excess of typical products. Professionals choose Big Bang for superior quality in multi-channel applications. In extreme environments this design ensures a long, reliable service life. 

BB835 8-Channel Amplifier

Packed with all the advantages of the BB1235 but with 4 fewer channels. 

BB865 8-Channel Amplifier

This is the BB1265 with 4 fewer channels. 

BB2125 2-Channel Amplifier

Prior to 1925, the power output of most radio sets was only a few milliwatts. The BB2125 has kicked that up a notch. Based on a high current audio design, choose almost any speaker made and enjoy a concert in your home. 

BB275 2-Channel Amplifier

OK, you don't need to kick it up a notch. 75 High Current Watts per channel will drive most of today's better speakers to a nice comfortable level. 

BB50-S 2-Channel Amplifier

This is your bail out solution. Somebody forgot a room and now you need to get the bedroom TV connected to the distributed audio speakers. With multiple inputs and turn-on modes you are saved!