This is where multi-room started. A big powerful amplifier and some Volume Controls - Voila! Mulitiroom Sound. Combine our HIGH current Vital 710 Receiver and some of these for a great basic system. 


Still the standard for Volume Control Performance, our make before break 12 step switch ensures many years of noise and trouble free clean sound. 


WARNING! - Will Not Control Adolescents, but you can wire your projects well in advance and make your trim out fast and efficient with our Fast Connect Terminal 


For lower power simple distributed audio the VSi45 offers great value and reliability when meeting your budget criteria. 


All our autoformer controls include White, Bone, Almond and Bone plate kits so you'll always the color you need in one box. 


When power and fidelity are key, the VCR120 handles a massive 120 Watts. The nature of resistive stepping is unencumbered sonic fidelity. 


When less power but all the fidelity is needed, the VCR60 handles 60 Watts. The nature of resistive stepping is unencumbered sonic fidelity. 


Outdoor control of your sound is no longer an issue. Our weather resistive casing protects the sensitive electronics and lets you enjoy your outdoor sound without interruption. 


Our VBX self contained Volume Control offers an elegant desk or shelf top solution when in wall controls are not an option. A cabinet of matte black with non-slip feet makes this is an easily installed control. 


Just what your designer ordered, a simple clean transfer based slide control for your multiroom audio. This is available in four great architectural colors.