Lets say you want to switch between the rear surround theatre signal and your distributed audio signal on the same speakers. Discover how by clicking "Learn More" 


Provides additional speaker muting control with MODE or MPK series keypads. 


Sometimes parts get thrown away with the packing and box the product arrived in. We know this and keep a few spares around for just that reason. 


Use RJ-45 connectors with your Cat5e and adapt them to your MKP keypads. 


Converts IR to RS232 and many other amazing acts of electronic wizardry. It will not absorb its own weight of liquid if any fluids are spilled. 


Remember to always bring a towel and a spare programming cable. Sometimes these delicate cables are stressed with the rigors of daily use and just wear out. So just in case always have an extra. 

USB to 3.5mm Adapter Kit

Nothing like having to waste 2 hours driving back to the shop to do a simple program change on site. Do yourself a favor and keep a spare in your kit bag. 

LTM-1.0 Kit

Everyone on your team should have one of these powerfull learn test modules in their programing kit. 


Part of our solution series of control accessories. You can easily switch between two source components when you've run out of inputs or you require a 2nd input on an amplifier. See manual for more detail.