6 Inch Rectangle Wing

Longer wing that fits multiple brackets 


Providing a perfect location to mount an AIM speaker 

6 Inch Round

6" round series new construction bracket 

PWB Wire Management System

Easy to install and cost effective 


Secure your AIM LCR3 speakers 

8 Inch Round

8" round series new construction bracket 


For Use with All MT8 Series Speakers 

AIM Cinema Dipole

The perfect bracket for your AIM Dipole inwall 

MT6 Brackets

Secure speaker placement. New construction brackets are great to tie off the speaker & data wires so they are easily found when you are ready to trim out. No mess to clean up when you are ready to place your speakers . 

8 Inch Round Wing

For when the job needs extra length 

7 Inch Rectangle AIM7 MT

Provide a perfect mounting hole for SpeakerCraft speakers 

6 Inch Round Wing

Extended length wings for our brackets 

6 Inch Square

Provide a secure place to tie off speaker cable 

5 Inch Round Wing

Longer wings for when the job calls for it 

AIM Cinema

For use with all AIM Cinema series speakers 

5 Inch Round

This will aid you on your next job