PWB Wire Management System

Easy to install and cost effective, the all new PWB and PWB extension bracket are perfect for pre construction wiring. These great new devices invented by and offered only from SpeakerCraft, offer home owners the ability to expand their whole house systems with ease and installers the ability to place and access wires in ceilings with pinpoint accuracy. Save thousands on costly drywall repairs from exploratory holes and make installations lightning fast with the PWB from SpeakerCraft.


Preconstruction Wire Brackets (25 per box)

Order Stock # BKT10000: PWB (Main Prewire Bracket & Cover)

Order Stock # BKT10001: PWB Extension Kit (Prewire Mounting)

The PWB bracket kit is a quick and easy way to access wires after drywall goes
up. PWB bracket has a versatile, reusable design that can be used for almost any
application. In addition to its beauty cover, the PWB bracket kit provides smooth and seamless integration into the surrounding environment. If more flexibility in placement is needed the PWB extension kit can be used.

  • Smooth and seamless design
  • A reusable, very durable design
  • Inexpensive prewire solution
  • Extension kit for additional features
  • Designed for a quick and easy install