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AIM8 Three

At the heart of every great speaker is a great motor design. Powered by the AIM8 Aluminum Cone Woofer, spectacular sound value is the winning result. 


Again we offer an installer friendly package of the IRC-2.0 with our 4 conductor ribbon cable for EZ termination and connections with Cat style cables. 

OE6 One

Step into great sound in a smaller footprint. Not to be under estimated the OE6 One is a great solution for your weekend getaway where it not your primary outdoor living area. 

6.1 New Construction Brackets

6.1 New Construction Brackets have been designed with the feedback of more than 200 of the best integrators in the world. Easy to install during construction and designed to reduce vibration. 

SC Pro Commercial Sub 8

As a Subwoofer or Bass Augmentation system the SC Pro Commercial Sub 8 will easily match and enhance existing systems or reinforce and compliment the rest of the SC Pro line. 

CRS6 Three

Gently caress Aluminum into cones, add synthetic cooling liquids for heat dissipation, throw in hours listening, adjusting the dividing network to optimally blend the bass and treble tones. Sit back and enjoy. 


For lower power simple distributed audio the VSi45 offers great value and reliability when meeting your budget criteria. 


In the Master Bath, place one over the soaker tub and one over your sink area. Enjoy stereo everywhere while you relax or brush your teeth. 

Profile CRS8 One

One Get ready for push you into the back of your seat sound with the sonic ride the CRS8 One will take you on. Now enjoy this popular speaker in the new Profile design good enough to even impress the interior decorator. 


All our autoformer controls include White, Bone, Almond and Bone plate kits so you'll always the color you need in one box. 

5 Inch Shallow Speaker Enclosure

Crafted from robust steel. Precision welds insure mechanical integrity. Designed to endure the rigorous demands of fire code requirements. Sound transference is greatly reduced making for a happy household. 


The SC16-50 16-channel amplifier, which includes a unique web browser configurator that allows each channel to select from any of the 16 inputs or combination of inputs, delivers 50W per channel and includes a high power mode. 

AIM8 One

The beginning of the AIM8 series, the AIM8 ONE is really where it all began. The original AIM ONE broke ground and established a reference for in ceiling theatre speakers. The legends lives on. 


Severe environments impaired IR signals with plasma or CFL noise. Our exclusive "Smart" circuit deciphers the IR control signal from the noise and passes it through allowing unencumbered control of your system. 

OE5 Three

Smallest in the OE THREE family . For large extended areas, you'll entertain and sooth your guests, their senses stimulated by rich sound. Use multiple speakers arranged and hidden within your landscape. 

Profile CRS6 One

The CRS One offers distinctive bass notes. Add in a properly measured Waveplane™ to evenly distribute that sweet silk tweeter. Combining outstanding sound with the new Profile flangless system for audio excellence. 

Articulated Bracket

The Articulating Bracket is designed for the Tantra Four, Three, Two and One to provide a full articulating speaker mount for added flexibility. Low profile and provides optimum listening angles. 

CRS6 Two

Using glass composite and silk. Blend ingredients lightly over a low heat. Set overnight. The result is a solid bass driver complimented with an airy sweet tweeter. Treat yourself to value without the bitterness. 

CRS6 One

For a lighter taste in distributed audio, the CRS One offers distinctive bass notes. Add in a properly measured waveplane to evenly distribute that sweet silk tweeter. The resulting yield is smiles all around. 

CB Connecting Block

Connect multiple pairs of home run speaker wire simply and cleanly to one stereo source or amplifier.