Whether controlled from the keypad or the remote, the system can be programmed to perform multiple functions from a single button press. For example, pressing one button can turn on the system, select the MODE Jukebox, route the music to the media room, select your favorite song or album and adjust the volume to a preset level. Another command may turn on the CD player, select it as a source, put it in play mode and send it to every room in the house. A single command can also shut the entire system down from the master bedroom at the end of the day.

An endless number of options will allow your system designer to tailor the system to fit your specific requirements.


Provides an enhanced interface base for the Apple iPod when used in conjunction with any MZC unit and a MODE Base Adaptor.

Order Stock # CTL14333

  • Supports USB Charging
  • Converts iPod Audio into a Balanced Audio Signal
  • Converts iPod Serial Data to RS485 Data for Use with the MZC
  • RJ45 Jack for Cat 5 Connection to MODE Base Adapter
  • Auxiliary Stereo Audio Input
  • Auxiliary Power Jack (Please See MODE Manual for Details)
  • USB Port (Mini B) for Syncing iPod to Computer for File Updating
  • Magnetic Coupling for Side-by-Side Configurations
  • Includes Various iPod-Sized Adapters
  • Dimensions: (L x W x D) 3 ¼" x 3 ¼" x 1 3/8" (83 mm x 83 mm x 35 mm)