The MZC 66 and 88 are loaded with technical advancements that make the system both dynamic and flexible. With 12 or 16 channels of digital amplification, depending on the model, a single unit can power up to eight stereo zones or areas of the home with no need for additional amplifiers. Should a zone require more power, the unit offers a separate pre-amp output for each zone. This output can be either fixed or variable allowing the level to be adjusted from the keypad in that zone.

It is possible to control the system entirely from a hand-held remote. If you want to avoid having any type of keypad on the wall, a small infrared receiver can be discreetly installed and the remote will act as a “virtual" keypad. Doorbell and telephone triggers can be programmed to mute the system when the phone rings or someone is at the door. The audio then resumes after a pre-programmed time has elapsed. A video signal from a door camera can even be routed to the televisions throughout the home and the picture-in-picture function will let you see who is at the door without missing a moment of your movie.


6-Source, 6-Zone Controller/Amplifier 

Order Stock # CTL13166: MZC-66 Shelf Top without Keypads
Europe # CTL13166EU
Australia # CTL13166NA

Order Stock # CTL13166-R: w/Rack Mount

  • 30 Watts per Channel x 12 Channels (6 Stereo Zones)
  • UL, CE & C-Tick Certified
  • 4 Ohm Stable per Channel
  • Telephone and Doorbell Mute Capabilities
  • Can be Programmed with Discrete Power On/Off and other IR Codes for Any Component
  • Zone Expansion Capable
  • Includes IRE-3T IR Tester (Clear Head Talk-Back Emitter)
  • Dimensions: (H x W x D) 5 1/4"* x 17" x 14 1/2"** (133 mm x 432 mm x 368 mm)
  • Weight: 23 lbs. (10.4 kg)

* Add ½" for feet (13 mm)

** Measurement does not include connectors. Please allow another 4" for cable connections. (102 mm)