Single Mini IR Emitter

The IRE-1.0 represents the highest level in sophistication for attachable IR Emitters. It features a unique EZ-Docker™ port that permits instant removal of the emitter when rearranging or servicing components. An improved adhesive reduces callbacks for reattachment of “fallen emitters”. The case may also be taken apart so that the tiny internal emitter can be placed inside a component, when desired. High IR output from the top curved surface allows emitter to be mounted on a nearby surface, below, above or on a cabinet door, rather than directly on the sensor of the unit where conditions permit.

  • ELT03100
  • ELTR03100: Retail
  • Unique EZ-Docker Holster for Holding the Emitter in Place and for Quick Removal When Changing Components for Service
  • Holster Features Larger Surface Area Than Other Emitters for Better Adhesive Qualities
  • Includes 8 ft. Lead (2.4 m)