The IRE-5.0 IR Blaster is a unique wand-shaped device containing two very high output IR emitters. The Blaster wand is designed in such a fashion as to allow the correct overhang (installer adjusted)
for control of a stack of A/V components. It can be mounted above or below the components, or both, to ensure good coverage. It may also be located up to 35 feet opposite the controlled equipment for “across the room” operation, where conditions permit. The dual emitters operate at different portions of the IR spectrum to ensure robust operation of the widest range of IR controlled products. Clear adhesive is used to mount the device, plus a small screw is also provided to ensure no “drop-off”. The ILC-1.0 IR Collector can be used to assist the IRE-5.0 Blaster in the control of stacked components, where necessary.

  • ELT03500
  • ELTR03500: Retail
  • Unique 3" Wand Contains 2 High Output Emitters, Providing Dual Spectrum Output for Wide IR Coverage
  • Wand Can Be Adjusted To Extend out Above or Below a Rack of Components
  • The Installer Adjusts the Wand To Suit the Situation
  • Includes 8 ft. Lead (2.4 m)