For stealth and convenience, location of our Ambient Noise Suppression IR receiver is very easy. 


Great performance in a surface mount IR receiver. Also incorporating our exclusive Ambient Noise Suppression technology. 


Again we offer an installer friendly package of the IRC-2.0 with our 4 conductor ribbon cable for EZ termination and connections with Cat style cables. 


Severe environments impaired IR signals with plasma or CFL noise. Our exclusive "Smart" circuit deciphers the IR control signal from the noise and passes it through allowing unencumbered control of your system. 


Our IRC-2p2.0 in an installer friendly package. 


This non-obtrusive and very functionally designed receiver can sit in plain view on a cabinet and be complimentary of its surroundings while still providing essential broadband IR performance. 


Designed to be placed in an in wall Junction Box this is yet another great solution product within our Smartpath Receiver line up.