Can you remember that car you got rid of because it had too much horsepower and torque? We didn’t think so. Maximum horsepower and torque are what separate a thrilling experience from a simple ride to work. And maximum audio horsepower and torque is what High Current does for a receiver - and why no Vital Series receiver would ever be built without it.

SpeakerCraft’s top performer is the Vital 910, a 7.1 channel overachiever that produces elegant extremes of both audio and video. It boasts 4 HDMI inputs and an HDMI output that work and play perfectly with Blu-ray players, video game systems, high-definition satellite receivers and cable boxes. And, with advanced Faroudja DCDi Cinema video processing, even standard-definition DVDs will look almost as crisp as high-definition discs.

On the audio side, the Vital 910 produces stunningly accurate detail. Seven high-current, audiophile-quality 130-watt amplifiers pump out enough power to create lasting memories - even in the largest living rooms. High-resolution, surround sound technologies from Dolby and DTS make Blu-ray discs come alive, while Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio are at your fingertips for standard DVDs and television watching. Classic values and modern science have never blended together so seamlessly - or so elegantly.

Because you buy with your eyes, both the Vital 710 and Vital 910 sport looks that match their formidable substance. Our Floating Radius front panel design is not only unique, it’s also drop-dead gorgeous. Just one look and you’ll know why both models make all those other generic black box receivers look like, well... generic black boxes. It’s all part of SpeakerCraft’s philosophy of marrying premium engineering and high-fashion design to match.

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