BOOM. SpeakerCraft is in the House. | March 25, 2021

Something new is happening with SpeakerCraft. The loudspeaker brand name that has been synonymous with highest quality and purest audio fidelity for decades worldwide has found an all-new way to rock the room.

SDSi floor standing Subwoofers. Just wait until you feel them.

And there’s a secret hiding inside the new SpeakerCraft SDSi Subwoofer. The most astute dealers and listeners may hear the unmistakable thump of Sunfire design. And for good reason. The spirit and the design that drove Sunfire to the top is now on stage inside new SpeakerCraft SDSi Subwoofers. Not to be a name-dropper, but you’ll also find the fingerprints of Bob Carver himself, the “ground-up” innovator of the modern home subwoofer. Wrap it all together, and this Sub shakes the world.

Little. Low. And Proud.

Yes, that legacy lives on – and now moves sound innovation and technology forward with the new SpeakerCraft SDSi Subwoofer. This little one takes all our decades of bass innovation and patents and packs them into one powerful new subwoofer that’s made to rock today’s world in a whole new way.

All Subwoofers are Not Created Equal

From the moment these are installed, you’ll understand exactly why not all subwoofers are created equal. With premium performance and no-compromise on sound quality, you’ll definitely hear – and feel – the best bass experience of your life. Boom.

While you’ve been listening to our great sound, we’ve been developing new ways to make it better & better. Even better innovation, nuance and now value too.

5 Fast Facts about SDSi Floor Standing Subwoofers

  1. Triple the Drive! Configuration that is. Single Active with Dual Passive Powerful triple drivers make for deep bass. The SDSi Subwoofer features one active driver paired with dual passive radiators. And yes, this is the only sub on the on the market with this feature.
  2. Ultra-Compact. With included passive radiators, the SpeakerCraft SDSi Subwoofer maintains a super small design profile that allows it to be tucked away. This is where you’ll notice our Sunfire patents area also applied. Little, Low and Loud – is now proud under our SpeakerCraft brand.
  3. Flexible and Fluid. With the simple optional wireless kit, the SpeakerCraft SDSi Subwoofer can be located anywhere in a room to create the best possible sound experience.
  4. A Beautiful Look for Every Application. With a matte black finish cabinet, you will not only complement any room or setting, you’ll elevate it.
  5. Thoughtful Details Across the Board and the Boom. With high traction, anti-slip rubber feet, and built-in 5v USB with integrated mount for wireless audio kit, every detail has been carefully designed by our speaker experts.

And We’re Just Getting this Concert Started

Now that The Craft of SpeakerCraft in a Subwoofer is in the house, there’s other big news to share. While you’ve been listening to our great sound, we’ve been creating new ways to make it rock with innovation – starting with a new logo and website. Fresh and forward thinking, the logo and site are both experienced and fully leverages history—just like the SpeakerCraft brand it represents.

Explore the new

Watch our new logo reveal video!


The Rolling Thunder Rocks On!

From the heart-pounding power and ground-shaking sound quality of Sunfire, to our decades of passion and innovation, these are just the first steps in our journey toward a revolution in sound. We are behind-the-curtain working on taking our Century of Sound across our brands and across the country soon, creating new, rich audio experiences starting with the SpeakerCraft SDSi Subwoofers.

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