How SpeakerCraft® Audio Solutions Continue to Define the Audio Industry

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

For nearly five decades, we have been known as the pioneer for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. We didn’t just help to establish the custom audio installation industry; we continue to define it by delivering a steady stream of in-wall and in-ceiling hi-fidelity sensations that make every listening experience richer and more enjoyable.

Our speakers bring stunning sound and design to every room of any home or outdoor space. Customers value them for the way they enhance user experience in everyday life – whether it’s through music, movies and television or listening to news, radio and even talk-radio. We’ve designed our broad line of speakers to meet diverse needs and continue to roll out innovative sound solutions. To see the progress we have influenced in the market, it is helpful to walk through the our history of audio solutions firsts.

Highlights and Milestones

It all started when three motorhome experts set out to solve the challenge of incorporating a sound system into one of their motorhome projects. The goal was to fit a speaker into a wall rather than use the standard box speaker. The result – the architectural speaker was born! Then in 1981, the same team produced the first in-wall speaker for residential applications. This launched us to become an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for many top speaker brands.

Nearly a decade later in 1994, we made history by introducing the SpeakerCraft Lifetime Warranty. For the first time ever, if a speaker had a problem or needed to be repaired, it would instantly be replaced – no questions asked!

One of the biggest moments in our ongoing history took place in 1999 when we debuted our patented AIM technology. The SpeakerCraft® AIM Series Ceiling Speakers are fully pivoting speakers, which allow dealers to angle sound into a room. This eliminates sound reflections and literally aims the sound into the direction of those in the space. We also launched the AIM Series 2 speaker line in 2015, the first architectural speaker with ARC Tweeter Array™ technology that has won several CE industry awards.

We were also one of the first innovators to introduce a light-weight aluminum grille in 2001. Traditionally, speaker grilles are designed with a bezel around the speaker with the grille itself inside the bezel. We changed that with the full-coverage grille to provide a more visually pleasing in-ceiling and in-wall speaker.

Showcasing our leading legacy of innovation, we continue to produce the highest quality speakers’ customers ask for again and again.  To learn more about our history and our achievements in the audio industry, you can view a timeline of additional milestones. Stay tuned for more exciting and breakthrough audio products!