Serious Sound with Flexibility = Music to this Dealer’s Ears | March 20, 2021

Listen to this. Chad Honey, veteran technology installer who has been with Home Control Systems, Inc. of Bellingham, Wash. for 16 years, has some smart, sensible reasons why he selected certain architectural speakers for the very high-end home theater install he recently completed. The company has experienced all the recent trends in speakers, and it came down to one brand that addressed theirs – and the homeowners – needs.

Directing the Sound

We asked Home Control Systems about their key considerations for this project. The speakers that they chose this project would enable them to direct the sound and move both the tweeter and the woofer to compensate and target the sound properly in the room. This would make a huge difference and allowed him to optimize sound for the many requirements of this specific theater. The theater room had some unique nooks that they wanted to be sure were addressed with a full blanket of sound and sonic performance.

Flexibility was Front and Center

Home Control Systems is up on all the latest speakers and looked at many options and various levels from standard up to the best. The ones selected have mesh-only grills which look awesome; however, they were not necessary in this particular project because the speakers were to be hidden behind acoustical treatment. When they discovered they could adjust the impedance levels easily to match the specific receiver in the theater, that was a big plus.

A Theater in Need of Easy Install

“Today it is also important to us to have a fast, easy install where products go in and can function across brands and technologies that we are delivering. We focus on products that eliminate surprises so we can do our job most effectively. It turned out that these speakers were even better to install than expected,” installer Chad Honey of Home Control Systems said. “The templates were sized exactly right for the proper opening for ease of placing the speakers into the cavity. The doglegs were located evenly spaced around the unit to securely set the speakers in place leaving no movement or rattle whatsoever.”

Precisely Customizable

“After installed, the tweeters and woofers have nice flexibility to point the audio to the places we desired,” he continued. “Performance adjustments for treble and bass are conveniently accessible on the face to make changes while calibrating the room.” All of this helped reduce time on site and complexity once the products were in place.

Sound Performance – Specifically SpeakerCraft 

So, what speakers married the sound and flexibility beautifully to take this theater to the heights it deserved? “We chose SpeakerCraft speakers for all of these reasons and more. We went for their highest-end models and the homeowners are extremely satisfied with the rich sound and overall performance,” Chad added. In this theater, everything is also quickly accessed thanks to integration with the whole house control system. “Our customers really want the technology to simplify life and make things more fun, particularly with more activities at home and them being less out and about.”

Control of Audio and Much More  

Home Control Systems commended the fluid and seamless compatibility of installing SpeakerCraft speakers within an ELAN control system and with other Nortek family products. The unique beauty of the ELAN system is that the homeowners can access exactly what they want, when they want it. From an integrator’s point-of-view, they can rely on the service of the Nice North America brands, which means if there is any issue during product family integration, it is much easier to address. They also count on the ELAN Management Cloud (EMC) which provides remote system monitoring, management, updates and preemptive service. At the end of the day, the homeowners in this case can easily select what they want to watch, and the system fires up, lights dim and the SpeakerCraft surround sound immerses them in all the action of the movie.

A Great History of Serious Sound and Smart Home Success

Home Control Systems is a company with a positive legacy in Washington state, and a history of great experiences using ELAN products and SpeakerCraft speakers that goes back a long way. At Home Control Systems, they do it all. They are licensed electricians, install home security systems, handle all phases of AV entertainment, along with the whole-house, smart home control. The company installs several of the Nice North America family products and recommends SpeakerCraft technology because of the outstanding the audio quality and ability to give their clients the highest level of speaker that is within their budgets. ELAN is their control system of choice, and it all ties together nicely with the ELAN award-winning single-app interface that brings all subsystems together in a way that everyone can use.

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