Simplifying Your Sound System Options

Rebecca Bosco | March 1, 2021

Selecting the right sound system for your customers may come as a challenge when considering the various options on the market. SpeakerCraft® sound systems and industry-leading speakers simplifies the decision-making process by offering three options for the homeowner to choose from.

Choosing the Right System

In most cases, homes are already pre-wired through the ceilings, which will work for any SpeakerCraft sound system; however, we recommend in-wall wiring for the best overall audio experience. Let’s dive into our options!

  1. The 5.1 System targets the main areas where speakers can be utilized. Here’s what the system will include:
    • Five total speakers in the room of choice
    • One center speaker in the room of your choice to amplify overall sound quality
    • Two front speakers to the side of a TV for the foreground audio
    • Two rear speakers towards the back of the room for background and side effect noise
    • A subwoofer for the bass
  2. The 7.1 System is the same as the 5.1 System, only you’re adding a set of side channels to bring the total speakers in the room to seven. Adding these new speakers to the room will take the background noise from the rear speakers and bring it to the side of the room, highlighting where the audio is coming from.
  3. If you want to upgrade from the 7.1 System, we have the Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 System, which includes an additional subwoofer. It’s important to have two subwoofers because of the way audio changes. For example, the person sitting on the right-side of the room won’t typically hear the same thing as the person sitting on the left-side. Adding the second subwoofer allows for balanced sound throughout the entire room, regardless of where your customers sit. This option truly enables whole room audio!


Amplify Your Sound with Height Modules

We offer height modules that pair up with the SpeakerCraft® Profile AIM LCR speakers to intensify the audio experience when watching TV. Is it raining in a specific scene? By adding height modules to the SpeakerCraft® sound system, the room will fill with the sounds of fresh rain, placing your customers in the middle of the storm.

Adding a Second Zone

Some audio video receivers allow you to add a second zone to a sound system. This allows for a second set of audios to run throughout the home using one receiver. Adding a second zone gives users the option to listen to music on the patio while playing a movie in the living room for the kids. For larger homes, the SpeakerCraft MRA-664 allows up to 12 zones!

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Regardless of the room or space, SpeakerCraft is here to help amplify your sound!

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