Speakercraft MRA-664 Multi-Room Audio Controller Now Shipping

Mike Laurel | November 24, 2014
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Speakercraft MRA-664 Multi-Room Audio Controller Now Shipping

PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA, November 24, 2014 – Furthering its commitment to innovation and product excellence, Core Brands today announced the shipment of the new SpeakerCraft MRA-664 whole home audio controller. This new controller delivers up to six unique music sources for amazing sound in up to six rooms of the house, expandable to 12 zones with a second chassis. Plus, it integrates multi-room audio with networked and streamed sources and home theater control in a way that is simple to set up and superb to experience.

The SpeakerCraft MRA-664 offers IPhone, iPad, Android and PC control. In addition to locally stored music, it can interact with streaming sources and content including Spotify, Deezer, Pandora and TuneIn Radio through its Sonos interface, all accessible within the SpeakerCraft App. Existing cable and satellite receivers or CD, DVD/Blu-ray players can all be added and controlled independently from anywhere in the home. Wired and wireless keypads, touchscreens and remote-controls are also available to complete the system.

The new multi-source, multi-zone audio controller and complementary amplifier line are designed to deliver superior sound to 6 separate zones, or rooms, which can each receive any of up to 6 different sources, providing extraordinary flexibility that will delight customers. By pairing two MRAs, a homeowner can create up to 12 unique zones with up to 6 sources in each of them.

“Simply put, this controller makes it possible to listen to any source, in any room, at any time,” explained Robert Ridenour, Core Brands Product Manager, Electronics. “It allows every member of the family to listen to their favorite music, while giving them each the option to customize the bass, treble and volume levels in their specific zone.”

SpeakerCraft’s new installation software enables installers to quickly configure the system for sources, zone preferences, user interface customization and home theater control. A job that might have once required hours of programming has been distilled down to a simple wizard-based execution.

The MRA-664 is also extremely intuitive for the end-user, enabling homeowners to control the system with mobile devices they already use, such as smartphones, tablets and personal computers. In addition, users can control the MRA-664 by SpeakerCraft handheld remote, seven-button keypad and choice of touch panel devices.

The SpeakerCraft sHR200 is a sleek handheld remote with all of the function of a touchscreen and weighing in at a mere 6.4 ounces. Augmenting the handheld is the SpeakerCraft sKP7 7-button keypad, delivering a simple interface that enables the end user to select favorite sources, adjust volume and turn off the system—all at the touch of a button. Finally, the sTP7 touch panel is wall mountable in either portrait or landscape orientation to best suit the needs of the installation room and includes a speaker, microphone and color camera to accommodate future enhancements. The high resolution interface makes this unit one of the most popular control devices on the market.

“The MRA-664 and its interface ecosystem will be a benchmark in the multi-room audio industry,” Ridenour added. “We’re dedicated to providing our dealers with the best products for every project, and the SpeakerCraft MRA-664 is deepening that commitment. It will provide our dealers with the ideal whole-home audio solution for all of their future installations.”

For more information about the SpeakerCraft MRA-664, visit speakercraft.com.

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