SpeakerCraft® Outdoor Speakers Flawlessly Cover an Acre of Land

Rebecca Bosco | March 17, 2021

When investing in an outdoor sound system, homeowners seek high-quality, reliable sound that will travel throughout the entirety of the space. Throughout the years, SpeakerCraft® sound systems and speakers have been filling backyards and patios with various sound options and speaker models. Let’s take a look at how a Texas couple incorporated SpeakerCraft sound systems and speakers into their 1-acre outdoor living space!

Quality You Can Trust

The installation was headed by one of our professional installers based in Celina, Texas, AV Nerd. Rusty Hanna, Chief Nerd at AV Nerd, was quick to step in with his team when he learned a previous customer of theirs was planning on incorporating a few Bluetooth speakers in their backyard to accompany their brand-new pool. Hanna and his team redirected their choice and suggested they use SpeakerCraft speakers for the best sound quality and overall coverage.

“SpeakerCraft speakers have always been a top choice for us at AV Nerd, so we immediately did some research and made the recommendation to install this system,” said Hanna.

For the installation, SpeakerCraft® products were used throughout the landscape in addition to the customer’s outdoor living area and covered patio. “One of the most impressive things about this setup is that [my customers] have a 1-acre backyard, and this system fills every square foot with hard-hitting bass and crystal-clear sound,” said Hanna.

Placed throughout the backyard was the SpeakerCraft SC-OG-4-KIT, which includes:

  • Four SC-OG-4 High-Performance Outdoor Satellite Speakers that feature a durable weatherproof design that ensures years of reliable performance and allows users to set the volume of each speaker individually.
  • One SpeakerCraft SC-BT-10 Boom Tomb In-Ground Subwoofer for added bass that you can feel throughout the entire property. The design of the subwoofer allows unrestricted airflow yet prevents intrusion of bugs, animals and debris for a clean set up!

For the outdoor living space and covered patio portion of the backyard, AV Nerd installed two of our Profile AIM8 One In-Ceiling Speakers which aims the sound in any direction to fully emerge the homeowners in an audio experience. “The sounds ended up being so much better than I expected. It’s pretty mind blowing,” said the happy homeowner.

Products that Blend into Your Landscape

The SpeakerCraft outdoor product line is designed to effortlessly blend into your landscape with features such as slim builds, neutral colors, in-ground subwoofers and mounting accessories for stability. For those who do not want the speakers to be visible, there is always the option to hide the speakers behind a bush or potted plant if the landscape allows.

“The speakers go with everything outside beautifully. I am perfectly fine with them showing because they look really good,” said the homeowner when asked about the look of the entire system. This successful installation left the AV Nerd customer with a backyard audio oasis. Hanna said, “This SpeakerCraft landscape system set up will definitely be our ‘go-to’ option going forward.”

If you’re looking for more ways to integrate SpeakerCraft products into your outdoor space, check out our blog post on creating the ideal backyard escape. Sign up for our Power/AV newsletter to stay in the know with news and product updates!

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