Your Backyard Escape

Mike Laurel | April 22, 2020

By Cat Toomey

Spring is here, and this year due to COVID-19 we are spending a lot more time at home. If you’re feeling cooped up, now’s a perfect time to make the backyard your great escape to the great outdoors.

Outdoor speakers can enhance every occasion, including moments when you want to relax alone and unwind, to family nights, or simply dinner on the patio. Today’s outdoor speakers can extend your listening and entertainment environment to the wide-open spaces. A harmonious blend of our advanced technology coupled with design aesthetics and great sound are set to make every moment crystal clear under the sky.

Add a few rock speakers by the pool or expand to cover the entire yard with a scalable outdoor speaker system that delivers full volume coverage and unbelievable sound quality. Plus, today’s speakers can withstand any weather and still deliver jaw-dropping sonic performance. There are designs that disappear right into your yard or foliage – yet can be strategically placed to optimize all your music.

How Do I Select Music in a Large Outdoor Space?

One touch on your smartphone or a patio keypad can deliver your favorite tunes wherever you are. From a simple icon that represents your yard or various locations in your yard (pool, patio, tennis court, etc.), you can select an artist, song, favorite playlist or adjust volume. An ELAN Home Automation control system is a great choice. Best of all, no matter how large the yard, you can fill it with booming bass and all-encompassing audiophile-quality sound. Just fire up the spa, press a button and sit back to enjoy!

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