Home Theater Audio

In the best movies, everything fits.

From the actors and dialogue to the cinematography and storyline, each is blended to create a great cinematic experience. The same goes for SpeakerCraft home theater audio solutions. With award-winning performance, SpeakerCraft squeeze every drop of audio drama from your favorite films, television shows, music and games, immersing you in the cinematic soundscape. Whether you are planning an advanced object-based surround system or something a little more classic, SpeakerCraft has the high-performance home theater audio solutions to maximize your entertainment experience.

Object-Based Surround Systems. What and Why.

Object-based surround audio essentially reverses the relationship between speakers and the audio signal. Object-based systems like Dolby ATMOS™ allow content makers to decide where individual sounds originate, and how they move through the three dimensional space. This is particularly important for video entertainment. Object-based systems adapt to the environment, regardless of the number of speakers used in the system. Still, the more speakers in the audio environment, the easier it is to accurately reproduce the audio nuances that make an object-based experience so immersive.

Learn more about the object-based audio solutions of new AIM Series 2 in-wall line, featuring the ATX100 – the world’s first Dolby Atmos enabled in-wall height speakers.

Object-based audio renders sound in a three dimensional space.

Pairing AIM Cinema or LCR in-wall speakers with one of SpeakerCraft’s AIM-able in-ceiling speakers delivers a superior immersive object-based audio experience. The AIM-ability of the in-ceiling speakers delivers precise sound performance to the key listening areas.

Example Object-Based In-Wall / In-Ceiling 7.1.4 Surround System

Step up your theater experience.

The Profile AIM LCR FIVE in-wall speakers stand up to all the action on your big screen can dish out. With their Kevlar woofers and Aluminum/Magnesium dome tweeter, these award-winning in-walls deliver sound far beyond their compact size.

The series comes in two sizes, each creating a spectacular sound stage for music or film with the ability to reproduce every nuance of a performance.

Above and Beyond

The SpearkerCraft Dolby Atmos enabled AXT100 ImWall speaker is the architectural in-wall solution to the traditional floor-standing or bookshelf “height speakers” and reflects sound off the ceiling to place and move audio anywhere in the room for an immersive experience.

The advanced AIM-ability and high frequency beam-stearing of the ARC Tweeter Array™ in all AIM Series 2 in-ceiling speakers is an ideal counterpart to the LCR in-walls.

For complete in-ceiling theater experiences, the top-of-the line AIM8 FIVE Series 2 delivers big sound and its ARC Tweeter Array™ enables improved sound directivity and enhanced performance in the crucial “dialog” midrange frequencies.

The AIM SR THREE Series 2 is specifically designed wide dispersion characteristics for use as a surround effects speaker. Its multi-axis ARC Tweeter Array provides added dispersion with the “slight twist” to the ARC array positioning two of the 5/8” Aluminum Dome Tweeters on a slightly different axis than the other two.