High Power Audio

Crafting a New Generation of Subwoofers

The legacy of innovation + technology from our Sunfire® Subwoofers
lives on in the NEW SpeakerCraft® HRSi + XTEQi Subwoofer Series

Our new lineup of SpeakerCraft® Subwoofers are designed to set a new standard. With the combined legacy of design from Sunfire® Subwoofers and the audio innovation found in all SpeakerCraft Speakers we did just that! These new high-power SpeakerCraft HRSi and XTEQi Subwoofers both incorporate the signature high back EMF driver design and utilize our new app for setup and DSP room correction. Delivering an immersive audio experience that can both be felt and heard.

Any Size for Any Setup

Whether your clients are looking to add some  gentle bass to their living room or bring some serious power to a state-of-the-art home theater, the new line of SDSi Subwoofers Series offers the perfect solution.

Pure Muscle in a Compact Design

The sleek, matte black finish on these cabinets will complement any installation. The included passive radiators allow for a smaller profile, providing more placement options or to be hidden away out of sight.

Triple Drivers for Deep Bass

Each of the SpeakerCraft SDSi Subwoofers feature one active driver paired with dual passive radiators. These provide massive power and pull out every little bass detail in even the most delicate music recordings.

The Wonders of Wireless

A new optional wireless kit will reduce cable clutter for a cleaner setup without sacrificing on performance. Integrate these subwoofers anywhere in a room to create an immersive listening experience.