Outdoor Entertainment

When you invite friends over and fire up the grill…

The fun doesn’t stop at the back door, and neither should the music. Your outdoor living space is an extension of the home, and your outdoor music and sound deserves to be fully integrated into your home audio experience.

Our outdoor speakers and subwoofer are specifically designed to deliver SpeakerCraft’s signature full-bodied, dynamic sound in exterior environments. Whether under eaves, around patios, near the swimming pool, or buried within the garden, SpeakerCraft enables a seamless audio transition from the home to your outdoor space.  And all our outdoor speakers can withstand any weather condition while blending seamlessly with their surroundings.

The Outdoor Garden speaker can be placed just about anywhere in the landscape. Its sharp spike allows the aluminum enclosure to be simply driven into the ground and aimed at the listening area. Pair with the BoomTomb in-ground subwoofer, they bring the garden to life.

Our Ruckus rock speakers blend in any garden setting, and for under-eave and wall-mount locations, the Outdoor Elements line delivers big sound from small enclosures.

Blend in and stand out at the same time…with SpeakerCraft.


Now with its innovative “Hardscape” subwoofer, Terrazza delivers SpeakerCraft performance, even when used with lower powered distributed audio amplifiers or extended audio zones (like Zone 2) from conventional AVRs.
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Landscape Series

The SpeakerCraft High Performance Landscape Series delivers incredible sound previously identified only with indoor systems.
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It’s Elementary.

The Outdoor Elements series includes ten different models to address multiple exterior applications. Options include five-inch, six-inch or even eight-inch woofers loaded into ported enclosures to dramatically enhance low frequency response, deep full bass to compliment any type of music. Outdoor Elements are available in black and white.

Below is the OE6 THREE in Black. It provides the unmatched outdoor high fidelity of the THREE series in a compact weather-resistant cabinet housing a 6” woofer.