8" Floor Standing Subwoofer

8" Floor Standing Subwoofer

SpeakerCraft V8 | ASM99008

Subwoofers are traditionally associated with the high end segment of the audio market. The uniqueness of this very compact and advanced electronic device is a high level of performance at a reasonable price.

Speakercraft has been designing powerful and musical sub woofers for years. These new Vital subs are more powerful, more musical and more dynamic than anything you'll find anywhere. With entirely new cabinets, drivers and dedicated amplification, this 8 inch model will deliver the kind of sonic performance discriminating customers demand, while keeping a small footprint.

All models have automatic signal sensing power on/off, overload protection, phase control, an adjustable low-pass filter as well as inputs for both stereo and LFE channels. The driver is front facing with dual ports in the front baffle as well. This is advantageous for subs that will be loaded into wall units or other cabinetry. A recessed level control is located on top of the cabinet allowing easy access regardless of the subs position.

The ASM99008 V8 is a good replacement/upgrade for the SpeakerCraft ASMX0606 BASSX Dual 6 Floor Standing Subwoofer. 

SpeakerCraft V8 | ASM99008 Specifications
  • Woofer Size8 (Inches)
  • Woofer Construction8" Long Throw Woofer
  • Frequency Response45Hz - 200Hz
  • Dimensions12 1/2" x 10 3/4" x 15 1/4" ** (318 mm x 273 mm x 388 mm)
Shipping Info
  • Length18.5 (Inches)
  • Width15.3 (Inches)
  • Height17.6 (Inches)
  • Weight29.7 (Lbs)
  • Unit of MeasureEach
  • UPC664254009617
  • Master Pack Qty1
Other Specifications
  • Auto Power Via Signal Sensing
  • Cabinet Top Mounted Recessed Volume Control
  • Magnetically Shielded
  • LFE (Low Frequency Effects) Input
  • Overload Protection Circuit
  • *Add 13/16" for feet (21 mm)
  • ** Measurement does not include binding posts / banana plug connectors. Please allow another 4" (102 mm) for cable connections.
SpeakerCraft V8 | ASM99008 Warranty

Limited 2 Year Warranty